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Top 5 Coffeeholics Options To Stay Productive for Work-From-Home #MCODelivery

Published on 11 Aug, 21 by Sheena

Welcome to Phase 3 of RMO guys! So, approximately, it has been more than 14 days of us working from home due to this Covid-19 outbreak. I guess some of you, especially coffee addicts/coffeeholics, are getting bored and tired of plain coffee (kopi+gula) everyday right? Well, if that’s what you feel right now then keep on scrolling down your screen. We’re about to solve your coffee-case!

Coffee makes everything okayer...

Remember the morning drive you had everyday while listening to morning news from the radio channel and having sips of your favourite cuppa coffee? Or having it in the public train while reaching your office? I know you must be feeling something missing in your grip, don’t you?

Don’t let this ruin your day! I have rounded up 5 of the best coffee shops you simply can’t miss to get your coffee delivered straight to your home. You can order directly from them or via GrabFood app and Foodpanda app with just a few clicks.

1. ZUS Coffee

Image: (instagram)

It is located in Atria Shopping Mall and Binjai 8 Premium Soho. If you are not familiar with this coffee brand yet, Zus Coffee is Malaysia’s No.1 coffee delivery brand. Why pay for overpriced coffee when you can get a cuppa Zus coffee at an affordable price! The price is what makes them different from other coffee brands. You can get their Cappuccino for only RM8.90. To order, you can directly download their coffee app,  “ZUS Coffee” from the mobile app and you can have free delivery if you spend RM20 and above. Order them now!

Download app link :

2. Sunbather Coffee

  Image: (Instagram)

Let’s get caffeinated with Sunbather Coffee! Priced from RM8-RM15. If you are about to order a cuppa at Sunbather Coffee, you can order their Osmanthus Latte as it is one of their specialties. Due to this MCO season, they are open for delivery and self pickup. Click the link in their Instagram bio to place your order. And if you stay outside of the delivery area (10km radius), you may WhatsApp them at (+6018 229 9986) with your name, mobile number and order.

Click here to order :

3. Starbucks

Image: @mystarbucks (Instagram)

Yes, it’s Starbucks! How does it feel to have your Hot Caramel Macchiato by your side during online meetings with your colleagues? Very productive! Let’s order your cuppa now because right now Starbucks is doing a promotion for their Grande Pink Peach Creme Blossom Frappuccino on GrabFood app from 1st April-14th April 2020. Enjoy the promo now before it ends! Starbucks is also available via foodpanda app as well.

4. Doi Chaang Coffee Malaysia

Image: @doichaangmalaysia (Instagram)

Hey Coffeeholics , kick start your day with some coffee from Doi Chaang! Even though the price is a little bit pricey than others I have listed above, the taste of the coffee is worth your penny. Did you know that Doi Chaang uses quality organic beans from Guatemala, Colombia or Sumatra in its coffee? And this is why Doi Chaang coffee is so special. What are you waiting for? “Better latte than never”.

Order a cup of Americano coffee here or go for one of their lattes here that are known to be smooth and aromatic. Perfect for your super busy day working at home! Deliveries are available on foodpanda app and grabfood app.

 Americano Coffee
Image: @doichaangmalaysia (Instagram)

5. SOUKA Bakeshop

 Image: @soukabakeshop (Instagram)

Ooh, a red velvet Latte? It’s pretty unique! And looks delicious too. I’ve never tasted a red velvet latte before and I’m curious of how it would taste. Why don’t you give it a try and give feedback in the comment section below.

Image: @soukabakeshop (Instagram)

Souka Bakeshop is also known for their freshly baked cakes too. Order their red velvet latte and match it with their signature #1 best seller Red Velvet cake. Walao eh, what a nice combo! If you are a fan of green tea, you can go for their Matcha cheesecake. Marvellous! Order them on the foodpanda app and grabfood app now!

Once you’ve got your coffee, please don’t forget to tip the abang delivery!

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