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Restaurant Review: Bucket B Cafe, IPC, Kuala Lumpur

Published on 11 Aug, 21 by Sheena

Now, I’m not going to lie, the Bucket B Cafe has got to be one of my most favorite restaurants to take my kids. Janice & her crew started off in a lot within Jaya One’s the School, and moved to IPC in 2018, and throughout the entire time I’ve known them, they’ve offered a safe, pleasant environment for both kids to play and adults to chill out in.

Their current setup, located on the second floor of the IPC, Mutiara Damansara, exemplifies this. Bucket B Cafe has always provided a delightful array of beverages and pastries to satisfy and please both adults and kids, along with a small grocery shop-like area that sells snacks that you can bring home for later enjoyment.

Shop Exterior (source: Bucket B Cafe (FB)

But the main feature of Bucket B Cafe is the play area, which is open to children under 110cm, and requires that you pay for a pass for them to enter, or spend at least RM 10 for each child. That’s not the only thing they’ve got on offer, of course: there are board games aplenty for the kid who loves that sort of thing, or a small custom arcade machine that runs emulated video games for kids to play (although your kids might need to wait their turn to have a go!) Alternatively, IPC have cooperated greatly with Bucket B Cafe by providing another playground for kids to play in literally opposite, so your kids are spoilt for choice when it comes to where they want to let off some steam.

To those out there who remember the Star's In-Tech pullout and all those reviews about those SNK games? Let me put it this way: those games, which cost thousands of ringgit, now sit in a box that costs less than a console. And your kids can play them. It's a gift. One that, admittedly, they have to wait in line in. (Source: Bucket B Cafe (FB)

The food quality is definitely decent (I recommend the mac & cheese, which is delightful either for kids or adults), but the main value for parents might be the fact that your kids will have the opportunity to play and socialize with other kids their age, while you and your spouse may be able to chill out and have a seat while your kids have fun in a safe environment.

Look at it this way: if your kids don't want, this is a GREAT food for you to eat instead. Source: Bucket B Cafe (FB).

Be aware, however, that the place can be pretty crowded even on the most off-peak of times, and on some days Bucket B Cafe may be closed for private functions. Be sure to check their Facebook page for information on those events, and information on how to book your own private events.


Indoor playground, boardgames, videogames, great coffee, tea and pastry selections. Next to playgrounds and toy stores.


Not always open due to private functions (check their FB page for private party notices), quite crowded during peak hours, your kids might not want to leave. Price range (RM 15 per head) might not be suitable for budget-conscious parents.

The Bucket B Cafe is currently open only for take-aways and deliveries through GrabFood.

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