Makan Nation

Where to Eat.

Finally, an app that lets foodies discover new restaurants, dine-in, pay and review.

Foodies are picky eaters!

Hundreds of choices out there and yet still can't find the food you want?
Not to forget you have to consider food aesthetics for Instagram ;)
Yuno what can...?

Discover New 'Instagrammable' Places

Choose from what you want to eat or check-out restaurant reviews by other foodies. Or find the best promotion in your area.

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Order in 

View the most recommended dish by satisfied customers and order from the app. Yuno longer need to deal with unfriendly waiter.

Pay within 

Cashless payment, so yuno need to switch between apps, wallet or touch stained money.
Settle with your own phone.


Leave some helpful reviews for other Yunos and restaurants to improve.
*Mic drop*

Now. Download.

So Yuno where to go and discover new food (when MCO is over).