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Chit Chat – 3 Women Sembang about Bubble Tea

Published on 11 Aug, 21 by Sheena

Bubble Tea, Bubble Tea if it’s possible hari-hari nak bubble tea. From Malaysian original brands of bubble teas to the latest Taiwanese franchise reaching our shores, it seems that the bubble tea fad is showing little signs of abating. What has seemed to decline are the long queues, however the number of shops and brands keep on popping up, 102 brands as per last count in Dec 2019  – making access to branded and signature bubble teas a whole lot easier.

Here we have rounded up 3 bubble tea enthusiasts and have them discuss 5 questions with regards to bubble tea.

Alisya – early 40s stay at home mom with 2 grown up kids in boarding school  and finally has some time to herself. Still not enough though.

Jocelyn – 33 years young finance manager that ritually needs to have her cup of bubble tea during lunch everyday and yet maintains a slim figure.

Diana – 24 years old aspiring tv presenter, still busying herself with her studies in mass communications

1. Describe what is it that makes bubble tea so delectable to you? Milkiness, the tea flavors, the sweetness…?

Alisya: Definitely it’s the sugar high that comes along with it. My daughter introduced bubble tea to me, and though I suspect she likes it because it’s trendy. I on the other hand, after my first cup could feel the buzz from the sweetness of it. Suddenly, I’ve got a sugar rush and feel like there’s a buzz to everything, not to mention also that I feel happier….. Ahhh, simple pleasures.  So it’s definitely the sugar or sweetness for me.

Jocelyn: Bubble teas are all about the bubbles! How can there be no option on the bubbles in your question? It’s what makes bubble teas, bubble tea. No bubbles, then no bubble tea. I like having them in my mouth, chewing on them. That’s why after lunch I bring it into the office, set it on my desk and chew away on the bubbles throughout the day. I get upset when the bubbles are finished.

Diana: It’s the sweetness and also the umph from the tea. I’m particular on the flavors, matcha is good, almond teas are also, some fruit teas are nice like peach, passion fruit. But please la, don’t ever offer me durian bubble tea if ever there is one. Don’t get me wrong, I like durian but please don’t make it into bubble tea, it’s just soooo wrong.

2. Does the size of the bubbles matter? Is bigger always better?

Diana Actually, I prefer the smaller ones. Easier to chew and I get to have more tea. Also the less harder the better.

Alisya: Big is good, small is also good. It’s not the size that matters is how sweet the tea is that matters. Hahaha…

Jocelyn: Wait, we are strictly still speaking about bubble teas only right? I prefer them small, but a lot. Must have a lot of those bubbles so have more to chew on. I said just now right, I like the bubbles. So more is better and smaller means can have more.

3. How long of a queue are you willing to tolerate? 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour?

Alisya: When Tiger Sugar opened up, I knew I needed to get one just because of the fact that there is the word ‘sugar’ in the name of the store. Then I heard that people are queuing miles long and up to an hour to get one. But for me no problem, I just dropped my daughter and got her to queue up for me. So if you ask me doesn’t matter, 1 hour also can.

Jocelyn: Now no need to wait. Queue also not as long as last time. Grabfood and Foodpanda also can make deliveries already. But if you ask me really how long I’m willing to wait, then I will say between 20 – 30 mins maximum.

Diana: Ideally, if it’s just a few people, say 5 people in front of me then it’s okay. Otherwise, I move on and find the next bubble tea store in the mall. If you ask me the longest I have waited in line, then it’s actually about an hour. This was when the brown sugar craze just started.

4. Last 2 quick questions – First, brown sugar or normal sugar, second, is this a fad or will it last?

Jocelyn: Of course la gula melaka. We Malaysians must have pride in gula melaka. Especially if asal from Melaka some more. Second question, fad la, anything also will also be a cycle, got high got low, stock market, fashion this one also all the same.

Diana: Brown sugar, please. I feel this will be the new norm. We have teh-o, teh tarik and then we can also have boba tea as an everyday Malaysian choice of tea.

Alisya: Brown sugar! Will this last you ask? I say to that – BUBBLE TEA FOR LIFE! haha.

So that concludes our chitchat2 bubble tea ?

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