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4 Comfort Food Delivery Options For Subang Jaya Folks

Published on 10 Aug, 21 by laman7

MCO Day 1: Hang out in pajamas, log on for work with coffee in hand, cook a new dish, make plans for meal planning, print school worksheets, homeschool kids, spring clean, do some laundry, feel accomplished and happy to do it again

MCO Day 10: Still hanging out in pajamas, log-in for work, not sure if I had coffee, think of cooking, and pass out!

“I hate it when I’m waiting for mom to cook dinner. Then I remember, I am the mom…”

That should sum up how moms are feeling at home with the current MCO situation. But worry not, here’s a list of a few comfort foods (Malaysian style) that you could get delivered to you so that you have that MORATORIUM from cooking every now and then.

This list is for those living in and around Subang Jaya SS12 -19. The food is averagely priced and should not run too far away from your daily food budget allocation. Also, take note that only some of the food items are available as they are not able to provide a plethora of choices during this time. The recommendations are from what they currently have in store. So here goes:

Q Bistro

Image:@foodrambler_kl (instagram)

This was my weekend dinner hangout with the family because they have something for everyone. The kids would have their roti tisu and roti pisang, while the rest of us would go with either Masala Thosai, Nasi Lemak Ayam Q or good ol’ Sup Kambing with white bread. They still have Sup Ayam, Sup Kambing and Nasi Ayam Q on the menu or try something new and leave a comment if you find something good.

Delivery by: Foodpanda

Hazara Cuisine (SS15)

Image:@adelinesuhaimi (instagram)

This unassuming restaurant was something I bumped into when I was feeling adventurous to try something new. They serve authentic Pakistani cuisine and their servings are generous. Try out their Lamb Biryani, Garlic Cheese Naan and Palak Paneer; This combination is sufficient for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Delivery by: Foodpanda

Pontian Noodles (Non-halal)

Image:@paulchoo (instagram)

For those of you craving hawker stall wantan mee, this place serves  a good version of it. Also try out their fried dumpling if you are ordering from here.

Delivery by: Foodpanda

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